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All Around NYC With Scott Metzger…

All Around NYC With Scott Metzger

From 12/17/09. Interview w/ JR Hevron.

Scott talks about his upcoming one-time project HEROIN: The Music of The Velvet Underground this Saturday at Sullivan Hall.

It’s hard to keep up with all of Scott Metzger’s bands and collaborations. Aside from regular stints in Bustle In Your Hedgerow, RANA, and the Gene Ween Band (among many, many others), he has also recently played with Chris Barron, the Everyone Orchestra, and Jason Crosby. This Saturday at Sullivan Hall in New York City, he adds another band to the list with Scott Metzger’s Heroin, a one-time grouping of local all-stars who will vibe through a late night set of Velvet Underground covers. This past weekend I talked to Scott about the Velvet Underground, his studio work, and how during this recession he has become an in-demand “New York City guitarist.”

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