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That One Guy Brings A Wallop To The Village

Next Tuesday (the ninth) we’re bringing in one of the most unusual musical talents America has to offer. That One Guy, AKA Mike Silverman, performs on an instrument he built from scratch. Called the Magic Pipe, it looks like a demented harp, but sounds like incredible bassy funk. Opening the night are two kindred spirits: poly-instrumentalist and crafter of otherworldly sounds Sxip Shirey and solo tuba funk juggernaut Wolff. This will be a night of really unconventional sounds and incredibly heavy grooves; the odds are good that you’ve never heard anything like these three artists.

That One Guy was originally an upright bassist in the prog jazz scene who became known for his ability to perform as a one-man rhythm section by using previously unexplored methods of playing his instrument. Soon, however, he realized that the possibilities of a normal bass just weren’t funky enough, and he set about building his signature instruments—the Magic Pipe, the Magic Boot (a cowboy boot plugged mysteriously into an amp) and the Magic Saw, an unexplainable contraption that sounds somewhat like a theremin. Soon his act, which mixes surreal humor with crazy grooves, developed a widespread cult following. He plays 200 dates a year and has released three highly-regarded albums, the most recent of which (this year’s Packs A Wallop!) he worked on with infamous hip-hop producer Billy Hume. There is no other show out there quite like That One Guy, and between him and the two stellar, unique openers, this is a night you’re not going to want to miss.

That One Guy plays Tuesday, March 9th. The show gets underway at 8 pm with Wolff, followed by Sxip Shirey. Tix are $10 in advance, or $12 at the door. See you there.