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Indobox en route to rock our faces

Friday night we’ve got another one of our excellent late-night parties lined up, complete with a set from one of the premier electro-funk-rock acts on the live scene today, The Indobox. The duo of Renee Stahl and Jeremy Toback open the late show. You can expect this party to keep grooving deep into the night.
If you haven’t seen The Indobox yet, you really need to come and check them out. They’re rocking the festival circuit this year, including the Big Up and Muddy River Jam fests (as well as Nateva, rumor has it). You can expect the house to be moving like you’ve rarely seen it before—the band takes pride in throwing a very wild dance party, and they do it with style. Definitely a “catch them now, before you have to pay $80 to see them at the Garden” type of situation.

Renee Stahl and Jeremy Toback are each known for significant careers on their own. Toback fronts the Seattle band Brad, which features members of Pearl Jam, Satchel and Malfunkshun; he’s also a member of the electro-rock band ONS. Stahl is known as a talented songwriter and solo artist in her own right. Together, in addition to their more rock and roll stuff, they have recorded two albums of children’s music and toured behind them. Evidently, they can pretty much do anything. Should be an interesting addition to a wild night.

Doors for the late show are at 10:30 pm. Tix are ten bucks, and you can pick them up right here, through the magic of the Internet.