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More Than Just The Music: Grayson Capps Tells a Few Tales

Southern Soul, howling back-country stomp and raucous roadhouse blues; or in other words, Rott N’ Roll; a title created by Grayson Capps’ fans in New Orleans as the experience had when seeing the band perform live.

Grayson Capps first discovered music in Alabama where he was born and raised. His father and friends would sit around the house getting drunk, telling stories and strumming acoustic guitars. They’d run down songs by Hank Williams, Tom T. Hall, Glenn Campbell and Woodie Guthrie, whose influences you can hear on Capps fifth studio album, The Lost Cause Minstrels, featuring a new backup band, dubbed The Lost Cause Minstrels.

While Capps’ has toured throughout the South, he rarely reaches the Northeast. Catch Grayson Capps with The Lost Cause Minstrels Thursday Oct. 6th at Sullivan Hall, featuring a New Orleans native known best as the inspiration of the character Davis of HBO’s Treme. Folks, the REAL Davis opens the show, followed by the great local talent of Big Wake.

Curious facts about Grayson Capps:,
Young filmmaker Shainee Gabel (who befriended Grayson through a previous project they’d worked on together) discovered his father’s unpublished novel Off Magazine Street. She fell in love with the story and set out to turn it into a film. Through a confluence of events, the movie A Love Song For Bobby Long, starring John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson, was born. Grayson wrote four songs for the film, including the title track. He made a cameo appearance, as well. The story was based upon those early years with his father’s friends back in Alabama. Bobby Long was, indeed, a real person.

Two Songs and A Cameo in the Film Straw Dogs Starring James Marsden, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgård. Stream them here Highway 42; Chief Seattle

Tickets are $10adv $12dos. Get them here. 7:30pm Doors.