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Continue the Road to Camp Fri, July 6!

Friday, July 6 

Playing countless sets at late night warehouse parties in Brooklyn to playing notable summer festivals such as the BIG UP; there is no situation in which MUN does not bring their psychedelic vibe. MUN has shared the stage with musicians such as EOTO, Disco Biscuits, Marco Benevento, and OTT.  Still perfecting their sound, this band gives all of their heart and soul to the music and their fans.

Wobblesauce is a Boston based band gathering inspiration from bands such as the New Deal, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Disco Biscuits, and Shpongle. Upstate NY festival, The Big Up, in the summer of 2011 stated, ” If I were an epic video game character, this would be my soundtrack. Glitchy, melodic, dance-rock, and at times fun, dubbed down, and fat as hell!”
This band provides an energetic live convert experience that draws on influences from all over the electronic music scene. Wobblesauce has shared the stage with Skrillex, EOTO, OTT, Dopapod, and more.
On the rise since 2010, The Manhattan Project has sold out shows in the region. This electronic duo has performed with Lotus, Consipirator, and BioDiesel. Their influences range from techno, drum n bass, dub, and house.

Venues that the Manhattan Project fill up range from dance clubs to late night festival slots combining top regional DJ’s and MC’s.

After releasing her debut album “Cverything, Nothing” in 2010, Eitch has been expanding her presence in the electronic music scene and is beginning to tour.

Eitch uses her curiosity and self-reflection as a strong weight in her music. Influences include Bjork, Thom York, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, and Ghostland Observatory. She describes her music as ‘altronipop’ and with the progression of each song, Eitch stated, “don’t expect to end up where you started.”

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