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10/13 Pearl Jam & Soundgarden Tribute Show

Selling out the Rocks Off! Concert Cruise in NYC in July 2012, NO CODE: a Tribute to Pearl Jam is coming to Sullivan Hall with fellow 90’s rocker lovers Jesus Christ Pose, Travis Rocco & the Gypsy Mimes, and Catch Wild. NO CODE is North America’s longest-running tribute to Pearl Jam. They formed in NJ in 2003 and continue touring across the states when Peal Jam isn’t. Although they are hardcore Pearl Jam lovers, they also enjoy Alice in Chains, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, and Pink Floyd.
Jesus Christ Pose is the only Soundgarden cover band in all of NYC and they kill it on stage. They started in 2010 and made their debut at the Bowery Ballroom that year. Jesus Christ Pose are brave enough to attempt the harsh rocketing vocals of Christ Cornell and heavy guitar, bass, and monstrous drumming. 
It’s the realest fake band you can get! 
NO CODE: at Sullivan Hall February 2009
Jesus Christ Pose: The Bowery Ballroom December 2010