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Tuesday Artist Spotlight: The Magic Beans

Funk music is in. If you ask any member of the jam community what genre has emerged to the forefront of their music scene, I’m confident 9/10 will quickly tell you funk is the trend. This all said, with so many new funk groups popping up left and right it takes a special type of band to grab the attention of audiences, and this is where The Magic Beans enter the equation.

Amidst a sea of new funk bands that jam, The Magic Beans have emerged as a powerful force not to be ignored. Founded in 2010 and based in Nederland, CO, The Magic Beans have developed a sterling reputation in what they often call the “cultural island of Colorado.” Whenever a band’s fanbase has a specific name, you know they’ve made it to a degree, and The Magic Beans have a devoted following called “The Bean Team.”

Most band managers, promoters, and music enthusiasts will agree the natural progression of a band’s growth is to first champion and sell out venues around their home base, and then from there tour across state borders to become a national act. For folks new to The Beans, the band has confidently conquered that first stage and are now traveling across the country to develop their national reputation.

Comprised of Scott Hachey (guitar), Casey Russell (keyboards), Chris Duffy (bass), and Cody Wales (drums), The Magic Beans are known for their traditional approach to music with completely original songwriting, an exclusion of pre-recorded sounds or samples, and an emphasis on live instrumentation. Although rooted and often categorized as a funk band, The Magic Beans strive to bend genres and fuse multiple different styles into their recordings and live shows.

Looking ahead, The Magic Beans are gearing up for the grand reveal of their newest EP, Common Mind, which saw the release of its first single, “Always Cool,” just over two weeks ago. Live for Live Music interviewed Scott Hachey in conjunction with the single release, where Scott talks all about the new EP, as well as their upcoming music festival, Beanstalk, which has grown to become Colorado’s premier boutique rock festival since its inception in 2013. This year’s lineup includes three sets of the Beans, two sets of Fruition, and performances by Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, lespecial, Moshi Fameus (Aron Magner & Allen Aucoin of The Disco Biscuits) and many others.

Ahead of Beanstalk, which takes place from June 22nd – 25th at Rancho Del Rio in the Rockies, The Magic Beans are slated to perform in Brooklyn at The Hall at MP with DJ Icculus. The concert is a late night show on Friday, April 14th, and directly proceeds Annie in the Water with Thyme and Waiting On Mongo. Don’t miss your chance to catch this meteoric jam outfit before they head back home to the Rockies – tickets can be purchased here.

The Magic Beans