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Weekly Artist Spotlight: Madaila

Pyshadelic pop music. What does that even mean? Well, that’s part of the allure of Madaila’s music – it’s new, it’s unique, and it’s starting to draw the attention of crowds, critics and credible bands alike. Since their debut album release in 2015, Madaila’s found a helpful ally in Vermont’s Twiddle, a band that’s found immense success over the past 13 years and also (currently) shares the same ZIP Code as Madaila. In addition to earning a featured slot at Twiddle’s upcoming Tumbledown Festival in their hometown of Burlington, VT, Madaila will also open for Twiddle at Irving Plaza on Thursday, 7/20 during the first of Twiddle’s three consecutive Baker’s Dozen shows in NYC. Not only that, but Madaila will join Twiddle on stage that night during the headlining slot for a special “Twidaila” collaborative set. (tickets)

Comprised of Mark Daly, Willoughby Morse, Eric B. Maier, Dan Ryan, and Jer Coons, Madaila oscillates between pysch pop, tasteful improvisation, and dance rock while on stage. Signed with Future Records and Madison House Booking Agency, the band’s laid the groundwork for a smooth, meteoric ride in years to come. Their debut LP, The Dance, was released in 2015 and features concise-material with the potential of deeper, more drawn-out exploration in the live music format. In early November of 2016, the band followed up with their sophomoric release, Traces, which Elmore Magazine called “Sweeping and orchestral in its unusual, drawn out format, Madaila calls to mind the gentle yearning of Bon Iver, but creates something fleshier, more psychedelic, skirting a line between beckoning you to the sweaty dance floor and begging you to simply tune in and drop out.”

In addition to peforming alongside Twiddle, Madaila has also shared the stage with acts like ØRNS, Mac DeMarco, Grace Potter, Big Gigantic, Delicate Steve, Deer Tick, Matisyahu, and Rubblebucket; and has played at festivals like Mountain Jam, Frendly Gathering, Grand Point North, Waking Windows, Otis Mountain & Burlington Discover Jazz. As previously mentioned, Madaila will make its monumental debut at Irving Plaza with Twiddle next week on the eve of Phish’s Baker’s Dozen. This is not a performance to be missed, purchase your tickets here!

Madaila Irving