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Weekly Artist Spotlight/Interview: Bonerama

There is something to be said about a band that has been together for nearly 20 years and has still keep true to their New Orleans brass roots. With a brand new album out now (Hot Like Fire) Bonerama is a band that continues to proudly represent their origins, while still making fresh new music that keeps the fans engaged and dancing.
With their upcoming album release party at The Cutting Room on November 1st, we got the chance to chat with Trombonist and Lead Vocalist for Bonerama, Mark Mullins, about the new album, playing in New York, and what’s on the horizon!
CEG: Your band, Bonerama is performing in New York at The Cutting Room on November 1st. Could you tell us a bit about your history performing in the city, and what it’s like playing in such a huge and legendary music market?
Mark Mullins: The export of New Orleans music from New Orleans to New York goes back to the early days of jazz and the likes King Oliver and Louis Armstrong. Today, New Orleans musicians treasure our beloved music scene in New Orleans so much, but I can’t tell you how incredible it is to see the skyline of New York City every time we come in for a performance with our band. The history and privilege make it extra special. It is a huge deal for us and always will be every time we are able to bring our brand of music from New Orleans to the big apple. In the early days of Bonerama, we came to New York around 2001 or so with Galactic and started playing Tobacco Road. Since then it’s been countless venues, many now closed. The last time we played the Cutting Room it was to a sold-out house on our Getting the Led Out tour. So we are more than excited to be coming back in there for our album release tour now.
CEG: How are your plans and setlists coming along for your upcoming shows? What can we expect from the band at The Cutting Room on November 1st?
Mark: Well this is the first 6 show in a row run we’ve done in quite some time and the setlist will all be different. Craig and I usually write them but very rarely do we stick to the list perfectly. Audibles happen when we feel something in the moment.
CEG: Can you talk about some of the influences for your new album, Hot Like Fire? How was writing and recording this album different than previous albums? How has it been working the new songs from Hot Like Fire into the live shows?
Mark: I think this album is more balanced than any of our other ones in terms of the writers. Matt Perrine, Craig Klein and I pretty much do the writing these days and we all come from different areas so it’s a good mix of moods I think. When we were on the road more the recording process always gets chopped up and takes longer. This one was 4 years in the making but many of these songs have been in our live show over that 4 year period.

Check out the band’s trailer for the new album!

And stream on SoundCloud!
CEG: What’s next for Bonerama? What can fans be expecting in new material and upcoming shows?
Mark: We have almost enough material recorded for 2 new albums after this one which is a situation that’s new and exciting for us. The next album is going to be all Led Zeppelin music. So much fun. We are also always bringing in new material in the pipeline so you can expect those to peek out from time to time in the new shows.
CEG: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Mark, we can’t wait to see Bonerama in NYC on November 1st back at The Cutting Room!
Tickets are still available to see Bonerama at The Cutting Room on November 1st, here. Don’t miss this funky New Orleans style party!