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Live Band Reggae Night: 4/20 Celebration

Don’t miss live band reggae night with The RBC , Indaculture , Flyingfisch , Yarboroughs and Across the Aisle.

Inspired by tight reggae rhythm sections and thrashing punk bands, three Hofstra University graduates birthed The RBC. Taking a DIY approach, Andrew, John, & Mike evolved the band into the best live dub, reggae and jam experience on Long Island.

Indaculture *Video Above*

Every hundred years or so, magic happens. Such was the case in the early 1980s when members of Indaculture began arriving on this planet from afar. All five members of the band arrived on this planet via virgin births with one mission: to teach the world how to enjoy music. Every so often, members of the group come together and inflict their impeccable improvisational style, which blends elements of reggae, rock, and roots music, into the very souls of their listeners. With Rudy’s quick fingers, Danny’s tender voice, Bert’s ingenious bass lines, Jenna’s soul-captivating voice, and Matt’s energy-creating beats, a megacreature of biblical proportions is created.

Friday, Apr 20, 2012 7:00 PM EDT (6:30 PM Doors)

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