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Weekly Artist Spotlight: The Cosmic Coronas

Being based in NYC, we at CEG love it watching small, homegrown bands start to catch on. As they say, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Taking the melting pot vibe of NYC and working it into a refined rock’ n roll sound, The Cosmic Coronas are a developing gem in this city of great music.

Here’s The Cosmic Coronas first music video, shot right here in NYC, at the Mercury Lounge!

The Cosmic Coronas formed out of jam sessions between coworkers and friends: Brad Widolok, Noah Nielsen and Kevin Gayson would get together after work with their guitars just to jam. Eventually inviting trained musicians, including Dan Raiani on bass and Nick Brucaliere on drums, into their casual sessions to form a proper rhythm section, the band began to take shape. As their jams reached new heights, the band realized they needed just one more thing to bring their sound together: powerful vocals. So the soulful vocalist Alexa Lindberg was recruited and The Cosmic Coronas became official.

With the lineup solidified, The Cosmic Coronas recorded their first EP, “The Grove,” at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY, with Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Clauss. “The Grove” is a concept album traversing through an emotional journey of love and loss. The Cosmic Coronas’ first album is a milestone for a band that’s ready to bring a new blast of classic rock’n’roll to the music scene — in NYC and beyond.

Don’t miss their next NYC performance on October 13 at The Cutting Room with support from Audio Revival, Tickets are still available here!